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About Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova is a Sacramento suburb on the Highway 50 corridor, only a few miles from the state capital. Three main influences define ?Rancho,? as the 60,000 residents call it: jobs, family and recreation.

Jobs: The 1993 closure of adjacent Mather Air Force Base appeared to be an arrow to the heart of Rancho Cordova, which had long attracted military families. But far from becoming a ghost town, it?s grown by about 10,000 residents since then, populated by people who either took jobs elsewhere in the Greater Sacramento area or at firms that sprang up in the light-industrial south side of Rancho itself. More than seven Rancho Cordova companies employ 1,000 or more people, led by VSP (America?s largest vision-insurance plan) and GenCorp (a defense contractor and real-estate developer).

Family: The military families may have left, but Rancho remains a kid-friendly town. Cordova High serves about 2,000 students, with a rich sports tradition that has produced nine baseball major leaguers and NFL quarterbacks, both current (Seneca Wallace) and former (Troy Taylor).

The family focus can largely be attributed to the affordability of homes ? many are 1960s tract homes with backyards ? and the plentiful recreation opportunities for kids.

Recreation: Besides its town parks, Rancho Cordova boasts a long stretch of the American River Parkway, where thousands walk, run, bike and raft, especially in the summer. The biggest chunk of this stretch of parkland is in 444-acre River Bend (formerly Goethe) Park.

Whether for the jobs, the emphasis on family or the recreation options, Rancho Cordova continues to have much to offer.

Written by Bob Cooper

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